Wednesday, September 2, 2009

We got...MARRIED!?

Summer is ALMOST OVER!!! How did that even happen!? I am sitting here feeling so insane thinking that in only three months Andrew and I will be celebrating our FIRST ANNIVERSARY!!! WHAT!? It's strange because in some ways it feels like we have ALWAYS been married (And not in the snarky sit-com way people say it when they mean they feel like they have always been married because it's felt like it's been FOREVER...I mean it in a Good way!). I think in some ways it's because it's hard for me to even remember what life was like before I met Andrew. I feel like I have always known him. IN some ways though it feels like we just got married two weeks ago. I was just trying to remember what it was like getting married the other night when I was trying to get to sleep, I had my eyes closed and in my mind's eye I was trying to picture everything as it happened that day. That was when it struck me....'!?" It's this major life thing, something that you do once in a lifetime...and we did it already!!!!! It's just so nutty! But it's good nutty!

I think the one thing I have been experiencing these past couple of months since we got married is that I WANT TO DO IT AGAIN!:) It was so much fun! (Which is why I have told Andrew repeatedly that he better watch out because I am pretty sure we are going to have to do a remarriage ceremony on our 5th year anniversary...also I did warn him that we are probably going to have to get remarried in the SUMMERTIME, so I can have huge glass jars of lemon aid. And this time we will be able to stay as late as we want and dance all night with our family and friends. It just seems like it would be so much fun!)
We have been having such a wonderful time together. Actually sometimes I get freaked out and more paranoid bause I love being married to Andrew so much my human side is thinking "What can happen to mess this up, now?" But I have been giving that burden to God and learning to just enjoy the marriage without worrying about something messing it up. (Especially because if you make God the center of your marriage, if something DOES come that seems to mess up your marriage for a while it always turns out making you grow closer and more in love once you get through the struggle with God holding your hands and leading you out.)

It's amazing how many little things in life can make you more in love and grow closer together. We were going through a semi-rough time for a week or so just where I was being impatient or we were misunderstanding each other and getting frustrated. And on a sunday we decided to go swimming at a lake nearby, and just spending that time together swimming and talking and joking in the BROWN BROWN water (it was one of those lakes where the water, as gross as it sounds, is this really deep brown. You come across that kind of water a lot in the Poconos too (don't's not brown for any sinister reason..!)) was like this healing balm that made things so much better! It was like a salve for our raw nerves/emotions and we have been just reaping the benefits from it ever since. And I realized that just taking the time to just BE with each other is so important. Sometimes you think you ARE being together when you are sitting together watching a movie or something in your home, but sometimes it takes "being together' somewhere else, breaking from the routine or breaking from where you usually are together (not that i am saying you can't grow closer at home, but sometimes when you hit a tricky patch getting out of the normal is a needed thing). Like going to a park and sitting on a bench and just talking to each other or imagining things, taking a swim, walking around the neighborhood.

I am continually amazed at all the different things Andrew and I are learning from being married. It's DEFINITELY educational! ;)
So....the sink is leaking again by the way! If that sink goes more than three months without leaking someday...I will be amazed!! I have just been sticking a trash can underneath it because i have been too busy to get maintenance over. The apartment has really been feeling cozy though this month because the weather has been so so nice and cool. I am surprised because i thought that summer ending would make me really sad, as summer is my most favorite month. But I am excited about spending my FIRST married Fall with my husband!:)

We love you all and hope we will be able to see you soon!

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