Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"Artoo and I have decided we will stay here...."

So after all that talk about leaving this apartment...we're staying. There is still a hole in the bathroom ceiling that we need to get fixed and the window may or may not still be leaking (the guy came and looked at it both inside and out...I am not sure but he might have miraculous powers of fixing-things-rays in his eyes or something because that's usually what he does and then we don't hear anything about it til I call the office and ask.) But despite the fact that we kind of really wanted it to be God's will that we move and be closer to Andrew's work I think we are both really finding some peace in the whole thing knowing that THIS is actually God's will. (like Andrew and I keep saying "why would we want something that's not God's will for us?)
I switched the living room around and am currently looking for some neat prints to hang in the bathroom (and as ever I am striving to keep the kitchen clean clean CLEAN!), Andrew surprised me the other day and bought us a water filter for the sink so that we didn't have to lug barrels of water from my parents home every time we went over to visit (although it DID kind of make me feel a bit old fashioned in a way...in a good way) and so that now we can drink our own water without too much fear of it smelling like hot socks or doing us harm the good ol' chlorine way.
And it's kind of nice knowing that we will still be close for sure to my family and my older sister for the summer. I think it's kind of teaching me a lesson that no matter where you are there is always something to be REALLY really thankful for!
Also things are seeming to pick up a bit around here, it seems they've suddenly decided that perhaps trash all over the parking lot is not considered really cool and stylish by anyone. Also there seem to be surveillance cameras mounted in the parking lot...whether for monitoring for suspicious activity or just someone taking up more than the one allowed parking spot remains to be seen but all in all it's nice seeing them take a little pride in this place.
Sadly it doesn't seem like the tenants take much pride in the place either sometimes as the garbage being in the parking lot in the first place attests....still I am hoping that the landlords are setting an example that will be infectious to everyone.
They also just had some landscapers in which is a good sign I think. All in all I think things are looking up a bit!:)

To sum it all up, we're together: we're happy..God is good!:)'

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