Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Dinner Situation we all know I am a newlywed gal. I just got married...and therefore...I am a newlywed. I was wondering the other day, just how long can you be a newlywed? I was thinking it must actually be a state-of-mind, but I was wondering if people (obviously wrong people :) have a timeframe for how long you are a newlywed? I was guessing it's probably something like a Year because every day you spend together is a day you've never spent married until you hit the anniversary of your wedding.

SO anyway...this is about the kitchen. I am telling you...I am GOOD in the kitchen, GOOD I tell you GOOD! And I am STILL kind of stumped! It's so weird! I always felt so confident when I was home with my parents, cooking sometimes for them or making cookies or pies or risotto. I felt CONFIDENT! And's like everything is SO DIFFERENT! I mean, me and Andrew were walking around Shoprite last night and I am going "I am at a loss...I have no idea" because what exactly IS the difference between CHUCK and BOTTOM beef?!? (I can kind of guess the 'bottom' one actually...eee. ) What DO I make for two people?! Suddenly all the combinations of dinners my mom has EVER cooked for me has FLOWN out of my brain and went to hawaii for a nice long vacation. It's actually the same with actually baking things...when I was at home, I would use ONE spoon, ONE pot, ONE BOWL!!!! But here at the apartment when I bake or cook ANYTHING I end up using every spoon, bowl, pot, mixer, tray, pan availible to me, and I don't know why? I think it's because I am trying to make it all fast because I want to get to playing video games with Joe and Andrew though! :) The good thing is it's not like my crazy-brained-ness overflows into the actual taste of the food...because according to Andrew all the cookies, dinners (except I recently found out he has a strange penchant disliking certain textures of food...weird.) and everything else I've made has been good! I have made Snickerdoodles, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and today after I am done typing I am going to make Haystacks (My favorite christmas cookie!) And Tonight is the BIG NIGHT! I am making a roasted chicken, cheddar mashed potatoes (My own recipe so we will see how that turns out!) and corn and Rolls. I am excited...I get up this morning...go check on the Chicken...and are you kidding me our fridge works ALOT better suddenly then it used to! I put the chicken in there to thaw yesterday MORNING and it's still frozen. So i read that thankfully there is a 'speed method' for thawing chicken.

Immerse Chicken in cold water (I wonder why not warm? Will the chicken get stiff, puffy and inflamed like when you make the awful mistake of putting frozen feet into hot water bucket after playing in snow? Yes...I did this once) for 1/2 an hour for every pound. SO...I am doing that, and it's kind of fun figuring out all of this. I am actually having a great time, even during the times when I feel like I am going crazy because I cannot figure out what to have for dinner....or when to have it ready. Especially because Andrew is always saying "We figure this all out together!" And I am so happy that he is so sensitive and sweet, and isn't like some other guys who say "Dinner is YOUR Job! Figure it out!" Everything seems easier when you have someone else to help you, this may be something everyone else knows automatically but it's taken me time, a family and now a husband to be slowly learning that. I used to be a bit too proud to ask for help even in the big things...and especially in the small things. I am starting to see that God gave us loved ones so we could help them and so they in turn could help us! That's what family does! So I don't know if you ever have it ALL under control...the dinner situation, but I know my mom SURE always seemed like she had it totally under control!! I am kind of looking forward to the day when I know exactly what we need from the store, exactly what combinations of what can make the most various meals. I don't know WHEN that will happen but for right now I am just going to enjoy finding it all out, and the knowledge that I am finding it all out with the man I love...that makes even such a small thing as dinner, Fun.

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! We are decorated, we are LOVING looking at the ornaments you gave us, the ones we got as children from our parents and the ones we got just recently (I LOVE my Angel Ball, Gramma Pat!!) and we are so happy, and we thank God for all of you! We love all you, our family!!! Near and Far! WHEREVER YOU ARE! (i rhymed on purpose) :D Have a blessed Christmas!


  1. So, Joe is sure I am commenting on the wrong post - and I know I am right - ha, ha!

    thanks so much for the update - you are doing great - isn't it fun? I agree - I loved all those moments the first year or two when Daddy and I figured out something together without anyone else's help. "I don't need anybody's help" - to quote Sammy Harrison. But, even when you figure it our yourselves, you know if you really need help, someone is there. You are right! I love you guys whole bunches. See you Christmas Day. Love, MomH.

  2. I know what you are talking about! I Think it just takes time. We have a blog too here is our link- I have yet to figure out how to add peoplehttp