Monday, January 12, 2009

Evil Spoons and a Runaway License

(Warning....if you grow faint at the sight, sound, or read of probably shouldn't read this blog!)'s been A LOOOONG time since I've been able to write anything on here! I've been wanting to so bad and now I finally got the chance! Sitting here in my parents kitchen listening to my favorite band and also the laundry that is loudly rolling around in the dryer (the "reason" for my being at my parents....really I just make the excuse of needing to do my laundry so I can visit them and EAT ALL THEIR FOOD!:D ). So...I was thinking, alot of stuff has happened in the past couple of weeks since I last wrote....and actually now that I am sitting here actually thinking about them I am having a hard time remembering them in chronological order? Ever since Christmas me and Andrew have been having the best time just playing Spaceopoly together while drinking hot chocolate (I beat him a couple times at Spaceopoly but lately I have been getting the WORST missions...for example "Let someone shoot you with a 12 roll of the dice and you WIIIN THE GAAME!" they make it sound so you know the odds of someone actually rolling a 12 with the dice when they actually get the laser to shoot you? 1 in 12! ;) ) and we've been drinking hot chocolate in these special mugs that my Aunt Bonnie got us for our wedding. They are snowmen mugs, each with a different snowman on them: one holding a candy cane, one with a red apron etc. And they have these special spoons that go with them that are porcelain candy can patterned (why does that spelling look totally wrong? I've spelled 'patterned' so many different ways...and it's not working). They are so CUTE and so festive.....and also as it turns out SO EVIL!

The game had gone rather late into the night so I ended up just putting the mugs into the sink so I could do them the next day. BAD IDEAAAA!!! (especially because I have found that hot chocolate mashed potato residue is nearly impossible to get off without soaking in hot water) So on Saturday I go to wash them. Now I usually make weird noises in the kitchen for no reason and Andrew always thinks there is something wrong with me....usually it's just because I spilled iced tea all over my favorite slippers or we are out of milk and I just had a mouthful of chocolate.

But this time as I was scrubbing one of the spoons it had snapped and went into my FINGER! Funnily enough....when something actually serious DID happen...I didn't make a sound at all. So I am looking down at my's one of those awful cuts where even with the water running over it it's still bleeding so much that I can't even see how deep it is. And I need Andrew in the kitchen like NOW cause I am starting to feel a little....fall-overish shall we say. So the only thing I can come up with to get him in there is: "Oh that's not good. Um...Andrew....I kind of cut myself a little." "How bad?" "Kind of bad" And he comes in and sees the sink is like all over blood and of course him being the sweetheart that he is he almost totally freaks out. I am all "I just need a paper towel, Andrew." And he wants to rush me off to the emergency room. "I need a paper towel now cause I am about to pass out a little here." So he helps me to the couch and gets me a paper towel and I did the whole pressure on the cut thing. He kept asking me what he could do, threatening to take me to the emergency room if it didn't stop bleeding by a certain time....he was wonderful. Finally it did stop bleeding after about 30 minutes or so...THANK GOD because I really didn't want to go to the ER and be all like " have a micron sized cut in my finger. HELP ME!" :D When it stopped bleeding we realized it wasn't too long but it was a bit deep and also bruised because of the spoon being so blunt but since then it has continued to heal really well and now it doesn't even need a band-aid or anything so we're good!:) But still it was really fun to txt my sister and say: "Guess what? I was washing my razor sharp knife set in the sink and then I cut myself with a SPOON!" Because that was the most ironic part that I forgot to mention...not ONLY was I cut by a spoon...but I was cut by a spoon immediately after I was done washing my kitchen knife set....WHAT IN THE WORLD!?

The "what in the world?!" moments are often really annoying at the time and then hysterically funny afterwards I have found. Pretty much every moment spent at the DMV is a 'WHAT IN THE WORLD!?" moment actually. Me and Andrew went there a week or two ago to get my name changed to Gilbertson and our addresses corrected to the Apartment. I hate the DMV...everyone is really mean and looks at you like you have come there specifically to torture them.

We get there and fill out our forms, the woman we got them from only highlighted specific parts so we filled out the highlighted parts and went back to wait in line and turn them in. When we turn them in we get 'the mean lady'...(The lady who REALLY needs to take a lunch break for like a year or so) and she says "Why aren't these filled out the right way!? How can I even tell who you ARE!? Go back and fill these out right!" So Andrew and me go back to fill them out, Andrew bitterly saying "You know how you tell who we are....our drivers licenses!" Which made me laugh.

So we fill out the papers 'correctly' and we wait in line for a while...get to the front and I present my papers, the whole time I am thinking "Something is going to be wrong" because I don't think I have gone to the DMV once yet where everything has gone smoothly for me. Sure enough...."This isn't the right marriage license." Apparently there is an 'official' version of your marriage license you have to get from the municipal building in the county you were married in. So me and Andrew are already mega-frustrated because we've been waiting in a long line, we got sent back once, and now we have the wrong license. I was short with him at one point when we were walking out the door and I HATE THAT....because when you first get married you really really feel like "I will NEVER be short tempered with my husband!" but then it happens out of nowhere and you feel really bad. So we are driving in the car to the Municipal building and it's that awkward silence where you know you are both annoyed with the situation and it seems like the day has taken the worst ever turn. I apologized which made me feel a little less tense, and he of course being the sweetest guy ever that he is, apologized too even though he didn't even do anything!

We got to the municipal building and got our license ordered cost 15$...which is kind of nuts....I mean it's OUR license isn't it? :D We go through the waiting there....and now we are at the point where EVERYTHING is funny because it's so ridiculous. We get the little printout where they ask you "is everything correct? make sure before we make a hard copy" and Andrew checked it over and realized they had it down as "Christine Hirsch" he says "Ummm....this isn't right. It should be H..I...R...S...C...H...L...E.." (oh my word I just got a nervous flush...what if I didn't spell that right? You can tell me if I didn't spell it right) And the ladies say "Oh okay we'll fix that." And then we hear them talking in the office about "Wait a minute...does that look more like an "IE?" not an "LE"?" Andrew looks at them like they are nuts but refrains from saying "She's my mother...I think I know her last name and how it is spelled." :)

We get the license and we walk out the door laughing together, I don't know if you guys have heard any of the Strong Bad Sings songs...but there is one where he is singing about how "Everybody's stupid...but meee!" and Andrew decides in his usual Andrew-fashion that he is not only going to sing it out loud but do his arm motions and wavings....with....the....marriage license in his hands. It's a windy day and as he starts to get into singing and waving his arms the license is ripped out of his fingers and starts to fly across the parking lot into the busy street. I screamed, Andrew screamed and dashed for it just managing to grab it before it flew into the street. He started doing that hysterical laugh he has where it's punctuated by those adorable high squeaks (it's hard to explain in words but I am sure you all know what I mean!) and I yell "THAT IS NOT COOL ANDREW!" and just break down laughing too....we finally made it to the car though we were both literally doubled over with laughter.

So it was definitely one of those started out horrible and felt like such a waste of a day off...but then it turned into a growing experience and a great memory. Last friday my mom asked her 90 year old friend what kept her so young and active and so alive, and she said: "I don't worry about much, and I find something funny in everything that happens in life". And I realized how true that really is! God gave us our senses of humor for such an important reason! To get through some of the really tough times in life! There are so many things in life that could have gotten us all down or became really horrible days or experiences but then just someone finding the funny part....someone laughing and pulling everyone else down in laughter with them changed the whole story and it became a wonderful memory.... a great story you can share with the people you love! I think it's one of God's greatest gifts and also one of His most overlooked gifts to us, we don't realize how important and special it truly is!

Andrew and I love all you guys....we miss you who we can't see very often and we look so forward to when we can visit with you again and share funny stories in person!:) Until then, keep on finding the 'funny part' in everything you'll live longer!


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  2. Oooh, you’re such an inspiration. I love this blog!
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