Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Andrew The Not-So-Wine Taster

So I realized I had a few pictures I really wanted to show you guys! I was just uploading pictures to my desktop from Andrew's camera and realized there were some really great pictures that I could have shown everyone on here! So this is a special bonus-picture-edition of the blog!:)

For our wedding we recieved a bottle of Sparkling Wine 2004 Wedding Cuvee which we were totally thrilled about getting! How much fun is that? So I thought for the first special dinner night back at our apartment after the honeymoon that we should have some....I thought you would like to see what Andrew's reaction was to his taste of the wine:

This is Andrew preparing himself.

Andrew tasting \/

Washing the tast out of his mouth with something.

And Triumph at having tasted it!!!!

If you were curious I did like it better than Andrew did!:) We both really appreciated the thought! And then on Chistmas Eve I actually used the Sparkling Wine to flavor my Roast Chicken! So it worked out really well! I think it was especially a good present because I got to see Andrew make those faces!....so glad I happened to have the camera with me!:)


  1. My husband is a wine kinda guy. I can't really stand it. We compromise by drinking it on 2 special occasions... his birthday and our anniversary.

    So, he drinks it less than he'd like to and I drink it more than I'd like to.

  2. Kim from Tacoma says. . .
    Andrew takes after me in this, I guess. Since i didn't like the taste I thought, "Why try to aquire a taste for this? Where does that get me?" Just get me an occasional Sparkling Cider and I'm good!