Monday, April 6, 2009

Blog to be Updated soon!

Realized, with the help of my mom today, that it's been a month since I last blogged! Life has been so CRAZY lately but I think the time is coming when I will be able to update this thing! So be on the lookout for a new blog coming hopefully this week! Hopefully people haven't given up on this because I fully intend to get better making this happen more often! (That is: making blogs happen more often...not the lack of blogs happen more often)

Apologies! Talk to you soon!


  1. Obviously this must be a strained time. Look at your picture!
    How was Easter out your way? Have you been in touch with the Malarkeys or the Hirschles?

  2. HAH!! Easter was TERRIFIC! I watched "Love Finds a Home" with my mom (It was airing on Hallmark channel) and Andrew broke a plastic mixing bowl with Joe...which resulted in much giggling and Joey hiding it under his bed to tell mom about it at a 'more opportune time". Apparently they didn't realize that pushing down a huge piece of wood too big for the bowl would break it...? :-D Apparently it was for a sound effect for Andrew's audio drama...hopefully they at least got that! :) Not to my knowledge! We really do need to get in touch with them soon though! Andrew did e-mail them earlier last month with no response so we thought it might have been a busy time! We'll try to get in touch soon though!